Open Air School was founded in 1921 and is a school for physically disabled learners. We are a government school but desperately need funds to supplement our income in order to pay for ongoing expenses like water and electricity.

Some learners are fortunate to obtain bursaries from various sources including the St. Giles Association for the Handicapped.

Our fundraising initiatives encourage the participation of learners, staff and Governing Body members. The initiatives include a golf day, Market day, street collections and a concert.

If you would like to assist us by any means please contact the school via email at or call us on 031 205 1277.

Below are some of our fundraising initiatives:

Oasis Tree

Our latest fundraising endeavour, the Oasis Tree, has been well supported by learners, parents, friends and even past-staff living in the UK! Our goal is to fill the Oasis Tree in our Foyer with 100 leaves in celebration of 100 years of Open air School.

Each leaf costs R1000, which goes towards the ongoing running costs of Open Air School. We still need 56 more leaves to be bought before we hit our goal of 100. Can you help us reach it? If you would like purchase a leaf, please contact the school via email on or call us on 031 205 1277.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

The Speech-Language Therapy Department host the annual eggciting Easter Egg Hunt. Should you wish to donate or sponsor kindly email

Glass Recycling Fundraising Initiative

Open Air School participate in the annual school recycling competition hosted by “The Glass Recycling Company”. The competition runsbetween 1 February to 31 October. To enter, participating schools need to collect as many glass jars and/or bottles as possible. The school with the highest tonnage of glass stands a chance to win tonnes of prizes! Drop off your glass in our glass recycling bank located at the Frere Crescent entrance (next to the paper recycling bin). 

Glass Recycling Fundraising Initiative
MySchool Card

My School Card

Parents are requested to please apply for a “MySchool” card. MySchool cards can be obtained from 0860100445 or from They are free of charge.

There are now a wide variety of shops supporting MySchool cards:

  • Woolworths
  • Dirk’s Meat Markets
  • Mugg & Bean
  • Everfresh etc.

Little tag – BIG difference!

No urban legend, just a fantastic success story…

Since 2006, several million bread bag tags have been collected. In 2016 over six tons of tags were saved from going into landfill sites!

They are sold to a manufacturer where they are used to make seedling trays. 200 kg of tags buys a wheelchair and by December 2017 665 wheelchairs had been given to those in need. This not only changes the life of the recipient but also makes a huge difference to those that care for them.

We are now also taking plastic screw-on bottle tops and 450 kg of them get a wheelchair for a needy person. Tags and tops must be kept apart.

Start collecting today!

Simply put your bread tags and bottle tops into separate containers and when you have more than you can cope with, take them to a collection point. Please also like, friend and share our Facebook page to help spread the word far and wide.

PO BOX 215, Noordhoek, 7979
Cell: 084 371 2271