pass1Congratulations to the Matric class of 2015 for achieving a 100 % Pass Rate.

All 28 learners who wrote the NSC Examinations passed.
15 Bachelors
12 Diploma
1 Certificate


A message from the principal:

You have each made me very proud and I wish you all the best in your future. Your hard work has reaped it’s rewards! Go where dreaming goes…

To my Matric Teachers who have sacrificed time and effort towards our above mentioned success, my heartfelt gratitude. Well done!

To all the scribes, readers, invigilators and other staff who also assisted in the exams and other support, my sincere thanks!

To Mr Gabela and Mrs B Naidoo, the Management staff, thank you for assisting me in the running of these NSC Exams.

Special mention of Jennifer Harmse, our top learner, who is currently at the ICC collecting her award. She was our 2015 DUX.

I’m truly proud to be Principal!

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