96 bdayThank you Tatiana for the lovely pic…

Open Air is 96 years old…HAPPY BIRTHDAY OASIS!!

More pics will follow soon as well as stories in the Glenwood Gazette and Berea Mail…please look out for these.

My thanks to the Birthday Committee for the co-ordination and support. You all outdid yourselves. Our children were so happy.

To our donors thank you Aunty Savvy for the meals and to our special friends for the birthday cake, colddrinks and balloons. Enjoyed by all!!

To Rene Naidoo and team thank you for the new Astroturf Project in our Foundation Phase. Aunty Savvy and Cameron put this donation together by accepting the proposal from Rene and Team. Well done…a legacy!

My thanks to Alvino Naidoo for the set up of our Skype call to Suffolk, England via our Smartboard in the Physics Laboratory. Our twin school that we now have a link to called Felixstowe Academy. I look forward to building on this. We had a lovely chat with a team from the school and some of our high school learners got a chance to Skype chat.

To each of you that lent your hand to today’s celebration…truly memorable and my heartfelt gratitude as Principal.

DN Moodley


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