Open Air School hosted our Annual Swimming Gala on Friday 3rd March 2017 and what an exciting, fun day it was. Bader, Keller and Roosevelt all swam fantastically but there could only be one winner. Roosevelt was crowned champions with 168 points, Keller weren’t too far behind with 161 points and in third place was Bader with 107 points. The swimmers weren’t the only ones with the job for the day, the cheerleaders did a great job at supporting and motivating the swimmers, however, the house who had the greatest spirit for the day was Keller and they were awarded the spirit trophy.

Our Victrix Ludorum was Britney Hope in Grade 9 and our Victor Ludorum was Grant Branders in Grade 8. These two swimmers came out top in all of their races and made Roosevelt proud.

The keenest and most enthusiastic swimmer was awarded to Lynton Naidoo who is a new learner to Open Air and he made a grand entrance to the school with his nature to want to swim every race for Bader.

We congratulate all our trophy winners and the winning houses and challenge all three houses for the upcoming Sports Day, to see if there can be a different house in the number one position.

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