Learners from the ASD Unit at Open air School went an excursion on 9 May 2017 to Checkers in Davenport followed by a picnic at Botanical Gardens.

This excursion was planned to consolidate concepts of the “shopping “theme that learners were being taught. The learners were prepped prior to going shopping and going on the picnic, by using visual schedules.

The weather was hot and sunny and the outing proved to be an invaluable experience as the learners were “desensitized” to real life social situations which could be stressful to them in the future and at the same time helped them to mimic real life situations in a more structured yet predictable way.

At Checkers, the learners had to choose items from a pre-selected shopping list, find the items on the shelf, go the cashier and pay, and also learn the concept of getting change and getting a receipt. This was role-played before the excursion.

The picnic re-enforced the concept of buying things needed for a picnic and helped with general social skills.

At the Botanical Gardens, the learners enjoyed sharing with the others at the picnic and also enjoyed visiting the Orchid House, the Sunken Garden and the Garden of Senses. Watching the mother goose with her new goslings, was a real treat for the learners.

Thank you to the therapists and Mrs O’ Brien for attending and supervising the learners.

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