lib2 libIn the challenging battlefields of the current work environment, as well as our social kaleidoscope, students of today are lethargic uninterested and despondent about their future. Taking into account the robust environment of Open Air School and its various barriers to learning, the Musgrave Library in conjunction with surrounding libraries offered OASIS some food for thought on 6th June 2017.

They chose an apt moment in our calendar to engage, invigorate and inspire our students. This event hosted many dignitaries, who were graciously welcomed by the enigmatic principal of Open Air School, Mr Moodley. The main programme kicked off with a trip down memory lane with Thevan Harry when our learners were reminded about their history; the deep significance and paramount importance of June 16th, not just for the South African diaspora at large but more especially for the youth of today and generations to follow. Seizing the opportunity to work hard and make the most of their lives, would honour the memory of those who fought for it.

In addition to the humble and tear-jerking introduction to the programme, learners where thereafter entertained with a bubbly interactive drama production by Chante Du Plessis and Team as well as Mbali Nguse. This was followed by a spectacular performance from the school choir and gumboot dancers from Open Air School who were later upstaged by little ones from Mam Chili’s artists. Camaraderie and the positive spirit of OASIS were clear with their appreciation and encouragement of all performances.

The atmosphere was electric!

So too were the thought provoking words of Brian Mkhize, an ex-student of Open Air School, who now manages a successful business maintaining the OASIS mantra ‘I can and I will’.

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