The Occupational Therapy department arranged an outing for the learners to Woza Moya Centre in Hillcrest on the 15th of June 2018. Woza Moya is a skills training centre for people living with and affected by HIV/Aids. The training provided at the centre includes beadwork, sewing, recycling, gardening and pottery. There is a craft shop where all the handmade goods are displayed and sold. This outing provided the learners with the opportunity to see how products are branded and marketed to the public. They were also able to see the quality that products should be made and the pricing of the various items, which has been a focus of our OT groups this term. Each student was able to buy an item from the shop with money they received from selling their own products this year.

The learners gained valuable life skills and were able to meet other people facing, and overcoming challenges in life. We look forward to seeing what the students have been inspired to make and sell this term!



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